Registration of constituent bodies

Registration of constituent bodies

  1. Any body of engineers or technicians or body of firms of any class who wish to become a constituent body of the Council shall, in addition to the requirements in terms of section 3 of the Act, submit -

a) the appropriate fee;

b) the physical address of the applicant;

c) where appropriate, a code of conduct;

d) the proposed code of ethics in accordance with the model code of ethics as approved by the Council;

e) a list of members, of not less than two hundred engineering professionals or a group of one hundred firms;

f)     a summary of the applicant’s history, current status and vision of the applicant

g)    a certified copy of the audited annual accounts of the applicant for the past five years;

h)    any other information that the Council may require.

  1. A constituent body so registered by the Council shall be issued with a registration certificate by the Council in Form EC 10.
  2. Once registered, the constituent body shall -

(a) submit annually to the Council the full list of its membership;

(b) pay a levy annually to the Council which is five per centum of its annual membership                 subscription fee;

(c) comply with its approved code of ethics.





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